3 pediatric deaths in NY they are saying are Covid-19 related. Is this a Ploy to Force us to Comply?

Written by on May 10, 2020

New York’s Cuomo says 3 children have died from a coronavirus-related mystery ailment.

Do you believe this?

Is this a Ploy to Force us to Comply?

For a Forced Vaccine?



Those of you who continue to believe this pandemic is more insidious than an accidental transmitted, “Corona Virus” Better wake up!!!

-Commentary By Joel

Those of you who continue to believe this pandemic is more insidious than an accidental transmitted, “Corona Virus” Better wake up!!!

Turn on the news or drive through your town and there are reminders of COVID 19! The liberals are having a HAY DAY over this Crisis, and there is not a sympathetic note to those who have died and suffered losses of a loved one. There is no sympathy for people who have lost homes, jobs, or everyday freedoms. It is the Liberal/Democratic states and counties where the most “NAZI STYLE” policing is occurring!

For Democrats claiming Republicans questioning the overreach of laws which has taken our Constitutional rights from us “Conspiracy,” might have teeth, IF, not for all of the very credible sources from many avenues dealing with this pandemic.

We have seen thousands of Doctors coming forward and speaking out against the numbers of infected and deaths. We saw Mark Zuckerburg actually “LIE” claiming the governor had asked for his assistance to thwart measures of protest.

We now have factual evidence this did not come from the Wuhan market, even evidence there is no market within hundreds of miles who sell this species of a bat!

China’s top immunologist who studied this bat for its ability to mutate to humans, she claims is a billion to one!

We are now hearing from the Democrat party that they are wanting “MANDATORY INOCULATIONS” in order for anyone to work, in the future!

Hospitals are being told to inflate the amount of COVID 19 cases and deaths.

The “NOBLE PRIZE WINNER” for finding the cure for aids Dr. Judy Mikovits now saying this virus is far from what they claim to be!

Check out all of the videos with Judy Mikovits you will see this is much more a round-up of our sheep!

What is this all about…

This goes three-fold… #1. The democrat party is pushing for laws, which if passed, no one will be able to work and be restricted to many events unless you have an inoculation card and have been inoculated.

#2. Democrat states who have been overzealous in spending putting their state into bankruptcy are pushing this pandemic in order to continue receiving billions in rescue government checks! #3. As Nancy Pelosi said, “Never let a Good Crisis go to waste.” Liberals are CHEERING the loss of life, jobs and economy hoping this will affect the 2020 election Keeping the Democrat house, democrat, winning back the Senate, and looking for Biden to win over President Trump.

I have said this many times. Republicans have always been on the right side of history, but completely lack the motivation to FIGHT FOR OUR FREEDOMS!! Republicans have ALWAYS waited until freedoms have been, taken from us before we decide to FIGHT to get them back… Wake up Republicans!!! Start writing your congress and senate members, let them know we want Justice and all of this Treason of our country to end!


Listen to “3 pediatric deaths in NY they are saying are Covid-19 related. Is this a Ploy to Force us to Comply_” on Spreaker.


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