A call to Action from @NCGOP 58 candidate, Gay Republican @PeterBoykin: #ComeOutForTrump & Pro-2nd Amendment Counter Protest to the David Hogg-” March for Our Lives” anti-gun rally in Greensboro NC

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Peter Boykin Gay Republican?? —

A message and call to action from House 58 candidate, Peter Boykin:

WHERE: Sidewalk in front of the Cultural Arts Center, across from Lebauer Park, Downtown Greensboro
WHEN: 4:30-7:00pm, Wednesday, August 1
WHAT: Pro-2nd Amendment Counter Protest to the David Hogg-“March for Our Lives” anti-gun rally which will be going on inside Lebauer Park

JOIN US IN UNITY AGAINST THE GUN GRABBING MARCH FOR OUR LIVES Because David Hogg and his Anti American Socialists will be in Greensboro For a “Rally for our Lives” but really on Aug 1st 2018 they want to demand stricter gun laws.

This is a DANGEROUS campaign, because the Left has proven they cannot run a country, nor protect its citizens, and they obviously do not understand the reason why our Nations Founders granted us the Right to Bear Arms as a protection from tyranny and from our Government to change into a system that would oppress us.

But, David Hogg and his gang don’t realize that they are a pawn from Deep State, or do they? Sadly the Left will continue to come out and support these cause…

This is why we need a counter protest, now understand that they expect over a thousand to show up, (mainly because they bus people around to be paid protesters) we are NOT there to cause harm or provoke but our goal is to be there to say we refuse to let such an organization attempt to take away our Constitutional rights!


We have permission from the City for this counter-protest at the place indicated. 
We are NOT allowed access into the park to protest though. 

**This is also a Rally in Support of Peter Boykin for District 58**

Other candidates and people who wish to speak are welcome to attend.

Above all we will come in peace. There will be NO violence attempted against the other side.

Thank you for your support and we will see you there!

Peter Boykin, Candidate House 58


Guilford County Republican Party · 5002-K High Point Rd, Greensboro, NC 27407, United States

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