Black Women Are Open Targets?

Written by on May 1, 2018

Black Women Are Open Targets?
By Paul O’Brien 

We have all heard the recent news of conservative Candace Owens being attacked by the left because of her beliefs that black people are not victims and can achieve everything they want without the government.

We also saw where conservative duo Diamond & Silk were censored by Facebook and demonetized by YouTube. They sat before a congressional committee this week to discuss what is happening and were shamed by Democrats, including black Democrats.

This leads me to believe that black women are an open target. No one on the tolerant left seem to care. Least of all the black women on the left leading the charge.

I’m trying to imagine what would have happened if conservative corporations silenced Oprah or Michelle Obama because they didn’t like what they had to say. Or insulting them and labeling them with the worst kind of names.

Welcome to USA in 2018. It seems black women can be persecuted openly now. There will be no NAACP or ACLU defending them because they don’t believe in helping these black women enjoy the freedom of practicing their right to free speech.

When two black women make a name for themselves based on their political commentary they are shamed and told they are running a game. They’re called liars because they know the difference between a reimbursement check and a paycheck.

But don’t think it is only black women receiving these attacks and persecution. We just saw how a failed comedian named Michelle Wolf was happy to forget the #metoo movement as she launched an attack on the physical appearance of White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders. Kellyanne Conway has long been a target for these hypocrites.

Maybe the left is trying hard to debunk the belief that white people are being persecuted by them. So they viciously attack black women with relish.

What the left fails to realize is that more and more eyes are opening to the game THEY are running. They may not speak up because they have seen what happened to Diamond & Silk or Candace Owens, but they will remember when it comes to casting their vote this November and in 2020.

In 2016 the left tried to scare minorities into voting for Hillary Clinton, telling them Trump would lock up blacks, deport all Hispanics and throw gays into internment camps.

Over a year later we see none of that has happened and in fact, the country is recovering from 8 years of Democrat rule. They see North Korea making peace with South Korea, ISIS defeated in Syria and Iraq, job growth for the last 16 months and plans for the opiate crisis to be dealt with along with illegal immigrants now ICE is allowed to do its job.

2016 showed us over 2 million black voters rejected the Democrats along with Hispanics despite the pundits insisting a Hispanic boom in voting would push Democrats to the top. Instead, Trump gained among every minority group while Democrats lost numbers.

If this occurred during the scare tactics of the left what will happen now that these groups see Trump is not what they promised he was?

Two million black voters rejected the Democrats BEFORE this open persecution of black women began. How many more will reject them in the next election?

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