Call of Action To Contact The Texas GOP and Demand Diversity Be Allowed! Include Gay Republicans!

Written by on February 9, 2020

Call of Action To Contact The Texas GOP and Demand Diversity Be Allowed! Include Gay Republicans!

I’m asking you to kindly contact the Texas GOP and tell them it’s time to #GoRight and accept diversity in the GOP.

Texas GOP Rejected LCR a long-standing Gay Conservative group because they want to lump them with the rest of the gays because 60% of gays are leftist, is in itself the purest form of identity politics you can get.

I think each and every one of us needs to call and tell them this old school party way of thinking will and must end.  See More

We are no longer the party of Romney but we are the Party of Trump and Diversity!

Ask them if they seriously have an issue with Blacks? Latinos? Women? Other Minorities in the party? If their answer is no…

Then remind them that the gay community contains everyone, if they are rejecting us based on our sexuality above our personal character then they are bigots. Lumping all people of a particular identity into one stereotype is a bigoted method and is NOT MAGA.

Seriously ask them this, it’s the same thing I always ask…
Do you have a
Men’s GOP group?
Women’s GOP group?
Black GOP group?
Young GOP group?
Latino GOP group?
College GOP group?
Do you have these different groups of..

If that answer is YES…
Then ask them so why can we not have a Group of Gay Conservatives?
Is it because you are truly homophobic?

You say that you don’t feel we need to classify the fact we are Gay vs Straight, as you say it’s because we are all equal, you do this meanwhile you will openly seek out any other group of diversity with labels not asking them to run in the closet with who they are.

Maybe it’s because it’s hard to hide the fact your a woman or a person of color? It’s easier to just tell us to be good gays and stay in the closet?

Women and Blacks/Minorities fought hard for their equal rights. Those same rights you claim that we have but “why do you insist on labeling your group gay.. we see you as equal” yet, in reality, you don’t. You reject us… Just us – from having a seat at the table…

For 20 years the LCR has been asking for the opportunity to sit at the table. For inclusion from within. This inclusion is no different than what the blacks/minorities and women fought for as well. So do the gays who believe in many of the same Republican values as the rest of the party.

Ronald Reagan once said, “The person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally, not a 20 percent traitor.”

It’s time that the GOP honor the house that Lincoln, Reagan, and Trump built.

I ask everyone to reach out to the Texas GOP (and your local GOP) and stand up for our equality and inclusion.

Please share this call of action to #GoRight and seek inclusion.

Here is their contact info:

Follow what their page says:

Phone: 512.477.9821 | Fax: 512.480.0709

Kyle Whatley
Executive Director
(512) 477-9821

Leslie Recine
Special Projects Coordinator

Terry Holcomb
Director of Party Operations
(281) 761-1185

Sam Pohl
Comms Director

Morgan Lloyd
Comms Assistant

Brandon Moore
Organization Director

Jen Hall
Assistant Primary Administrator

Mitch Carney
Political Director for RPT / Executive Director for the Volunteer Engagement Project

Keith Khazae
Data Director

Alexander Fulton
Deputy Executive Director – Volunteer Engagement Project

Stephanie Bolke
Executive Assistant – Volunteer Engagement Project

Joanna Nicholson
Volunteer Coordinator

April Lenaghen
Regional Field Director

Keenan Williams
Regional Field Director

Kayla Hensley
Regional Field Director

Grant Kiley
Regional Field Director

Blake Dickerson
Regional Field Director

Joseph Givens
Regional Field Director

Bianca Garcia
Coalitions Director; South Texas Regional Field Director – Volunteer Engagement Project

Lauren Duncan
Houston Regional Field Director – Volunteer Engagement Project

Taylor Converse
North Texas Regional Field Director – Volunteer Engagement Project

David Lowe
North Texas Regional Field Deputy – Volunteer Engagement Project

Kristi Antonick
East Texas Regional Field Director – Volunteer Engagement Project

Jared Cruz
East Texas Regional Field Deputy- Volunteer Engagement Project

Sarah Lara
Statewide Director;West Texas Regional Field Director – Volunteer Engagement Project

Dalton Shaw
West Texas Regional Field Deputy – Volunteer Engagement Project

Remember this is a grassroots not endorsed by LCR of Texas



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