The Collapse of the Entertainment Industry

Written by on March 11, 2018

The Collapse of the Entertainment Industry
by Paul O’Brien

After the disaster known as the Academy Awards reached record lows in viewers, many are asking when the entertainment industry will get a clue that what they are doing isn’t working.

The answer is that they got the clue. They know they have pushed conservatives, Independents and even people who aren’t involved in politics with their pandering and descent into the alt left. Their only hope now is that the liberal lunatics who make up the alt left will remain loyal viewers.

The problem with this is that liberals are not loyal viewers. If they were then networks like CNN and shows like Will & Grace wouldn’t be doing as badly as the Academy Awards.

Liberals also cannot boycott. Hence the results of their boycott on the NRA which resulted in the NRA having one of its best weeks in history with half a million new members and countless returning members.

Hollywood has long been an extension of the Democrat Party and Academy Awards host Jimmy Kimmel even admitted this during the awards show, commenting on how the movies nominated for Best Picture did not make a lot of money, but were made to annoy Mike Pence and millions of Americans like him.

Propaganda has long been a powerful tool used by the left. The media tells people something and they are supposed to believe it. It has worked for a very long time. Just take a look at how the Nazis utilized it and then Communists.

But propaganda has lost its power now that we have alternative media and millions of ordinary Americans raising their voices and telling others the truth. Indeed the once powerful media has tried to mock these voices and label them as conspiracy theorists only to later cover the very truth these patriots revealed long ago.

With President Trump helping the country recover in terms of economy, military strength and it’s place in the world, both the media and the Democrat Party are panicking. The mid-term elections are coming up and all they have to show for their party is how angry they are that they aren’t in power.

The fear factor is gone. 2 years ago they used the media to scare Americans, particularly minorities, of the untold tragedies that would come down upon them if Trump was elected. Over a year into his first term, President Trump has helped millions of Americans keep more of their money, avoided a war with Russia, deported millions of violent criminals and practically destroyed ISIS.

Gays haven’t been thrown into internment camps, blacks haven’t been thrown into prison and all immigrants haven’t been deported simply for being immigrants. The fear is gone.

I look forward to the ads used in this upcoming election. The GOP can easily show how the Democrats have lied repeatedly while they have fulfilled the promises they made.

And for good measure, the GOP can add in that one of the most powerful and hated establishments, the entertainment industry, has been decimated beyond repair.

Not bad for a campaign that often promised to drain the swamp!

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