Dear Mexico Stop Risking Your Child’s Well-being For An American Illusion

Written by on May 31, 2018




Immigration is a tough topic that takes, compassion, precision, and honesty. With that being said it is time to shift the perception that liberals are trying to save immigrant children from “evil republicans” who want to throw them in cages and holocaust 2.0 the world. (Sarcasm)

The reality is,  U.S Border control is reporting that upwards of 50 children are being separated from their parents every day for illegally attempting to enter the United States of America.  We now live in an age of Facebook. Twitter, Reddit, and all things instant gratification and instant news. There is no fathomable reason why on this day, in the year 2018, any parent, would willingly walk into the arms of men and women with guns trained to detain and legally separate them from their children?

In what universe do you go to the police station and say “Hey guys, here is my illegal activities, please take my kids and throw me in jail?”  

That is basically what ADULT citizens of Mexico, are choosing to do as they are fully aware that Donald Trump is the President of the United States of America and has made it undeniably clear he will not tolerate adults trying to enter into the country, without the proper paperwork.

There is a time when pitty needs to end for the sake of innocence. Much like arresting a man convicted of child rape, we cannot continue to pity him and release him back into society to disrupt the flow of harmony, safety, and stability of other people.

It’s time to look at adults in 2018 for their actions and not their hardship. We all experience extreme hardships and many of us survive without committing crimes that endanger the lives or well-being of our children.

Dear Mexico, with love, it is time to grow up and become aware of the consequences of your actions.

Make better choices for your children, a better life starts with your thoughts about where you are.

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