Democrats are singularly focused with petty partisan politics While President Trump delivers

Written by on March 28, 2020


While President Trump delivers real solutions and a positive rallying cry for the American people during this pandemic, Democrats are singularly focused on petty partisan politics.

Instead of providing Americans with relief, Democrats are pushing a socialist agenda that includes:

$35 million for the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

A climate change mitigation study on civil aviation

$1 billion “Cash for Clunkers” style program where the See More government buys garbage planes from airlines

$100 million for researching sustainable aviation fuels

A Green New Deal: tax credits for solar and wind energy and a requirement for airlines to offset their carbon emissions

A mandate for corporations that receive coronavirus aid to collect diversity data
Require all public companies to disclose board of director diversity stats

32 mentions of “diversity” including a section on ‘Improving Corporate Governance Through Diversity”

A federal takeover of elections that would “nationalize election administration and undermine states’ protection for election integrity, ultimately providing assistance to Democrat office-seekers.”

A mandate for early voting, same-day voter registration, and allow for nationwide ballot harvesting

A provision to protect collective bargaining for federal workers.

A provision for “conducting risk-limiting audits of results for elections”

A $15 minimum wage

A United States Postal Service bailout

Modified retirement plans for community journalists

$300 million for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting

$1 billion for more Obama phones

President Trump is working with both parties to achieve an urgent relief bill for American workers, small businesses, and large businesses that are impacted by the coronavirus.

It is sad Senate Democrats have prioritized politics over passing legislation that would’ve provided relief for families, hospitals, and businesses.

President Trump and the White House Coronavirus Task Force are leading an unprecedented, comprehensive, and aggressive whole of the American approach to slow the spread of the virus.

A Hill-Harris poll showed 61% of voters say President Trump is taking strong measures to slow or stop coronavirus spread.

A CBS News poll showed 53% say the President is doing a good job of handling the outbreak.

This week, the President had his highest ever presidential approval rating in a Monmouth poll

– a sign Americans are approving of his leadership.

A Gallup poll showed 60% approve of the President’s response to the coronavirus. The Gallup poll also showed an increase in the President’s approval rating among independents and Democrats.

Even Democrat governors have praised the President’s response efforts. President Trump is working closely with Governors Cuomo and Newsom – leaders of states that have been heavily impacted.

The White House Task remains in constant communication with the world, Federal, State, and Local officials. The public and media continue to be informed through press conferences and interviews.

In addition to Federal support, governors must prepare their state.

Starting in January, President Trump and his administration took quick action to respond to the coronavirus.

Working with private sector partners, the production of health care equipment supplies has increased.

Ford Motor Company announced new efforts to manufacture respirators, ventilators, masks and face shields.

President Trump and the White House Coronavirus Task Force are encouraging everyone to follow the guidelines to slow the spread in 15 days.

The cure cannot be worse than the problem itself and the President and his team remain hopeful the economy can reopen soon.

We have to balance the public health concern with the enormous impact the virus is having on the economy.

This is not a financial crisis. When we defeat the coronavirus, the economy will come roaring back.


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