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By: Chrissy Piccolo and Paul Richardson 


Ron DeSantis has been a powerful voice in Congress since 2013 and is currently amid the investigation into the Abuse of Power being conducted by the House Intelligence Committee. Many may not realize DeSantis comes from blue collar roots, growing up in Dunedin, FL, he understood the rewards that come from hard work.  He was Captain of his High School baseball team, graduated Maga Cum Lauda, and then headed to Harvard, where he later became a JAG officer in the United States Navy.  He served as advisor to U.S. Navy Seal Commander, deployed in Iraq in 2007, later he served at the terrorist detention center in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. His impeccable service garnered several honorable medals, including the Bronze Star, Commendation by the Navy and Marine Corps, the Navy and Marine Corp Achievement Medal and the Iraq Campaign Medal.  Although he is presently in Congress, he remains in the U.S. Navy Reserve, serving as a Lieutenant Commander.   

DeSantis’s incredible military record, as well as his experience serving as both a federal and military prosecutor, serves him well as a Congressman and member the House Intelligence Committee, especially in these tumultuous, volatile times in getting to the truth behind the lies of the Obama-Hillary Clinton administration, FBI/DOJ administration.  

On January 29, 2018 DeSantis announced his decision to run for Governor of Florida and Thursday, July 18, DeSantis held a ‘DeSantis For Governor’ rally in Orlando, FL that was met with great support.  Describing it as a “standard in-a-good-way boilerplate MAGA rally”, The MAGA Network sent our Entertainment News host Paul ‘Big Gator5’ Richardson there to document the big event: 

“Donald Trump, Jr., Dan Bongino and Rep. Matt Gaetz were all on hand, however, DeSantis stole the show.  This guy has the drive and passion for Florida, as well as our country, much like our President, Donald J. Trump.”   

One of the biggest issues facing Florida is how the “Big Sugar” industry has been dumping their waste in Lake Okeechobee. According to Richardson, “Of the four-primary sugar-producing states, Florida is number one, accounting for half of all sugarcane acreage and generating between $1.3 to $1.6 billion in total profits per year.” While they do employ over 18,000 people, the debate over pollution and increase in algae has become a heated issue. DeSantis spoke about this, promising that if elected, he will find a solution.  Richardson laid down the gauntlet and had this say after the rally, “Not only am I laying down a marker that DeSantis will be the Governor of Florida, but he will be the dark horse contender and very likely winner for President of the United States in 2024.” Richardson added that Trump supporters at the rally were “just as excited as they were in 2016, maybe more so.  It was like going to a Trump rally but for DeSantis.” 

No one can deny the MAGA Movement has remained strong since the 2016 election, when Americans said “NO!” to Democrats choice of pitting Hillary Clinton against Donald J. Trump.  We’d had enough of the lies, deception, corruption from this sadistic, lying witch who apparently thinks she’ll be running in 2020.  All this reporter has to say to that is….HELL NO! How this woman and her delusional, criminal syndicate ever thought she’d be President is beyond by capacity of understanding.  I guess when you’re sucking Adrenochrome every day and disposing of people in your way, you think you are omnipotent.  Guess what? To all those who have committed treasonous acts against this country and duly elected President…TICK TOCK!  The swamp is draining and although the enemy tries to thwart the inevitable by staging these fake, manufactured issues meant to divide us, Americans and people worldwide are awakening from the Matrix! It’s called The Great Awakening and it’s a beautiful thing to watch. Although the Mainstream Media, Democrats and Hollywood keep attempting to divert attention from what is really going on, bottom line is the truth flowing out, just like a tsunami!  The November Mid-Term Elections will be the most important in our country’s history because whomever is elected will determine our future.   

DeSantis has what it takes to not only get to the bottom of the DC Swamp corruption, but also be a great voice as Governor of Florida.  As more and more Trump supporters and those that love this country awaken to reality and finally step up to fill in the seats left by the corrupt, our nation will become what it was meant to be…the greatest country in the world! 

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