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Written by on January 1, 2018

Good morning, and welcome to Right Now at /r/TheNewRight. I am your host for the day, /u/peterboykinIt is a wonderful day to MAGA, and I am NOT in a good mood to put up with anyone that does not understand what RedPill or MAGA means.

I’m on the #TrumpTrain and I have your Ticket. So Choo Choo Mother Trumpers!

FYI For All those Conservatives that are stuck on past tweets of MAGA folks
Or What People’s Religion or Belief Systems are…
I don’t think you understand what REDPILL or MAGA means

I don’t have the time for the BS anymore, you want off the #TrumpTrain then jump…. There is a cliff up ahead….

What is MAGA?

MAGA is NOT a Political Concept it is an American way of Life!

“Make America Great Again,” MAGA is more than just Donald Trump’s campaign slogan. It was originally used by President Ronald Regan in the 80’s and by even Bill Clinton in the 90’s! WOW

Bill Clinton Uses MAGA

What is RedPill?

Red pill can be used as a noun, a verb, or an adjective. As a verb or adjective, it’s often spelled redpill. One can refer to a red pill guy, or to redpilling a friend or relative. The terminology is used both inside and outside of the political communities it refers to. Those who disagree with the ideology often use it in a derisive way, and those who agree tend to use it as a marker of belonging. Example we on the TrumpTrain were “Red Pilled” for MAGA & Donald Trump.

As for myself, I was red pilled the day back in 2008 when I had enough of the liberal agenda, when they told me a gay man that I had to vote for their candidate Obama because he was black or I was racist, I said hold up wait a minute. NO ONE TELLS ME WHO TO VOTE FOR! I was done with the DNC. It also helped that I was really Red Pilling myself with Conservative Radio, and I was also “Hannitized” and I hope I will NEVER LOOK BACK again…

I will leave you with one more look into who I am, there are people that will call me a fraud, there will people that will deny that #GaysForTrump exists… but in fact we do…

GAYSFORTRUMP Exists…. Want To Find Out How?

Our Mission is to increase the amount of Gay Conservative Voices in American Society

But, plain and simple anyone that researches my past will find out ALL they need to know about me, I am for Trump have been always for Trump, and I now support the GOP and I am a staunch supporter of MAGA, as for the how opportunistic accusations people make about my involvement in this, I am going to ask you name one prominent Social media Trumper that is not asking for support or meddling some product…

Is Gays For Trump’s President Mr. Peter Boykin “Getting Rich” off of Gays For Trump?

Stay tuned, because DUDE where is MY AMA? Maybe Soon…

In the meantime check out my shadow banned one on The CUCK the_Donald

Free Peter!


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