Lucifer Enterprises is Alive and Well: Ran By Globalists and Deep State

Written by on February 24, 2018


Ok guys… Yesterday, driving to work I saw an interesting business sign… Caught my interest, due to its name… “Lucifer Enterprises” WHAT???

I found it really an inquisitive name so I googled it….

I have said in other posts I have found it interesting how “Scripture” has much more meaning at this point than any other time since verses once written, and hard to translate, since prophets had visions of things they would have no clue about.

Biblical Historians have had to “Guess” what prophets meant in Revelations. Many things are still a mystery and “Only” reveals itself as the prophecy happens….

We all know the bible speaks of an Anti Christ… Actually, the Bible speaks of several, we know of “Joseph Stalin” and “Adolph Hitler.” It is the last Anti-Christ who is, in actual term “The Blasphemy of the Son of God”

So… Here is my point… I come from a long line of family in the ministries. My life was filled with memorizing passages and being “Baptist” which spends most of its time in those things to come, preparing Christians “Not” To be fooled by this “Son of Lucifer” since he will fool most of the world as the savior.

It is not a mystery “Proctor and Gamble” have long been said a family of Satan worshipers. Even the logo is with inverted 666, horns etc…

Many names arise to those who control the internet, media, and multimedia outlets. As for the internet itself…. Biblitarians have suggested, “The greatest of all anti-Christ’s might not even be human!” Now wouldn’t that be the ultimate of Blaspheme!!!! An enlightened being, soon to have awareness, being said by “leftist” to even say should have human rights!

Staggering implications and quite a lot to show a correlation in this string, but, I have found out some interesting things about “Lucifer Enterprises.” Its main company started and remains at “666 Ave 5 in Manhattan.” You can not make this stuff up!!!! How would GOD come by the numbers “666” where it would now have meaning!

Seems like this company is EVERYTHING ROBOTICS AND INTERNET… In fact, without Lucifer Enterprises we may not have had an internet and or the future of AI!!!…

Friends… today it is very difficult to know “Reality from Fiction” What once was called a conspiracy is now becoming reality…

Even this person called “Q” who is said to be prepared to find out things that will “Shock the World!!!”

Who would have ever though most people would question what happened in “Las Vegas” or people like Hillary and Podesta Chatting on e-mails about going to “Cooking Parties” which have adults raping children and bleeding them mixed with goat’s blood to bath in. Even MSNBC did a report on the Clintons and trafficking children!

What about these questions I have seen posted about how these kids are acting during this shooting?

How about the many people in our Government, now known as “Deep State” or “Illuminati”??? Do you know the bible speaks of the anti-Christ brought into the world and protected by ones calling themselves “enlightened”???

Until President Trump, we had NEVER heard the words “Deep State or Illuminati” being mentioned by Media or Government! We never knew there was a power inside the government who pulled the puppet strings… We see Trump who is “Actually taken presidency to expose child trafficking and evils of the deep state and democrat party. Even all of the crap “We Republicans are being pegged as alarmists and wack jobs” claiming “George Soros” involved in this rift between parties, a man who has actually destroyed Countries out of Greed! None of this is surprising to those who have read the bible and the writings in Revelations.

Today we do not know what is real or what is being played out in this chess game.

I believe there is a very alarming connection between “Lucifer Enterprises” and what Republicans should be “Fearing Most!” We can no longer fear being called “Conspiracists” when many of those things, once called conspiracies, are becoming “Truth” With control of the “internet and media” which controls all part of our lives I would safely say it is something everyone should keep eyes on!

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