Angel Moms & Angel Dads: Media Silence

Written by on February 24, 2018

Angel Moms and Angel Dads: Media Silence
By Paul O’Brien

It seems the media is very eager to give the families of murder victims a platform to tell the country why they are right and we are wrong. But wait. There is more to the story.

It appears the media is only willing to give this platform to families of shooting victims if they support the same liberal gun control policies that the media supports. It also matters who killed their family members. For example, you will not see the Angel Moms or Angel Dads who lost their children to illegal immigrants on CNN or MSNBC. Why is that?

Because the Angel Moms and Angel Dads do not bash President Trump and do not support the liberal policies of the media. So the media refuses to give them the same platform.

Worse is that the media is now harassing the survivors of horrific school shootings if those survivors criticize the networks for censoring them and their views.

But the Angel Moms, Angel Dads and conservative/independent school shooting survivors aren’t alone. The families of those killed by Sharia savages are also ignored.

It seems the only way these families or survivors are put on national television is if they parrot the media or insult President Trump.

Why are these survivors/relatives more important than those who lost families or survived illegal immigrants and Sharia savages?

The answer is that they aren’t. But the media is using the left’s victim narrative to their advantage. That narrative is no one will criticize the families of murder victims. We saw this with the 9/11 widows who were trotted out to condemn Bush and promote liberal policies.

It shouldn’t matter if someone lost someone. If they are doing or saying something you do not agree with then you have every right as an American to disagree. The media believes disagreeing is insulting the victims. The same media who is now insulting guests with labels like Uncle Tom or racist. The same media who defended the gang of monsters who kidnapped and tortured a special needs kid because he was white.

CNN, once the number one cable news network, has lost 30% of its audience. Keep in mind they had already lost 15% last year. So as they continue to lose viewers, independent media online and even Fox News are growing rapidly.

Hypocrisy and double standards are the reason the liberal media is losing all power along with credibility. How can you tell viewers guns should be banned because they take lives but then ignore the monsters USING the guns?

They aren’t calling for a ban on illegal immigrants or Sharia savages who slaughter innocent people. They didn’t call for a ban on trucks when we saw over 100 people mowed down by one in less than 2 minutes.

The media wants us to believe the same establishment who has failed us will protect us after they disarm us. Sorry, but after seeing the faces of those in the FBI talking about how much they hate Americans, I do not trust these agencies to protect me.

They didn’t protect those in Boston, Orlando, San Bernardino and now Parkland even after being warned about the monsters who ended up taking the lives of innocent Americans.

It is not a bad thing to criticize the very agencies who are supposed to protect us. Especially when their track record is this bad. It makes us Americans, using our freedom of speech, who want our families to be safe.

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