No Calls for Terrorist Control

Written by on May 19, 2018

No Calls for Terrorist Control

By Paul O’Brien


In the wake of the Texas school shooting I see demands from the left for gun control now. They try to shame anyone who believes in owning guns to defend themselves and their families from an attack by the monsters who will shoot up a school.

But I wonder how the families of those killed by terrorists feel when they see this. After all, there were no calls for terrorist control after San Bernardino, Boston, Orlando, Brussels, Manchester, Nice, Barcelona or any of the other cities where a terrorist claimed the lives of many, including children.

Do those lives not count?

Do they need to be shot in a school?

Does the shooter need to be a white man for them to care?

In Germany, at a Christmas festival of all places, it only took one terrorist in a truck to murder over 80 and injure many more. We did not see demands for truck control.


I often hear the left have double standards. If they didn’t then they wouldn’t have any standards at all. But it disgusts me that they will only make demands for justice with specific victims.

When it comes to guns, the left believe that if semi automatic weapons are banned the shootings will stop. They believe criminals will abide these laws and gun controls. They don’t seem to grasp the concept that criminals are criminals for a reason.

They don’t follow the law!

Another excuse the left enjoy pulling out of their vagina hats is “there are more white criminals here!” as if race or nationality is the issue. So they believe because a country already has criminals we shouldn’t point out criminals that do not belong here.

I would love to deport American born criminals no matter what color they are. Alas we can’t. But I’m not going to use that as a reason to accept more criminals from other countries. And I am not going to punish law abiding citizens who use these weapons the way the law instructs them to in order to protect themselves and their families.

This week we saw how far the left will go to defend criminals. They will take offense at a criminal gang made up of rapists and murderers being called animals even when they have called our President that very word during one of their many tantrums.

We also saw celebrities abandon platforms they claim are dear to their heart if it involves meeting with our President to find a way to carry out the plans they whine about every day.

Former drug dealer Jay Z managed to convince another celebrity to forego his meeting with President Trump to discuss prison reform. This should not surprise anyone as a drug dealer’s mentality is all about “me, me, me”.

This is why the left is alienating so many. They don’t care about others. They care about forcing others to adapt to what they believe. The idea of someone disagreeing with them is appalling and so they immediately label those people as racist, sexist, homophobic, etc.

It seems the only time it is okay to condemn a criminal is if that criminal fits into a certain box. Straight, white and male are usually the top 3. But they will also condemn a black man or woman if they happen to be conservative.

And while this behavior from the left may disgust me I actually hope it continues. The reason is they are pushing more and more people away.

Recent studies have found that conservatives are gaining support from minorities and millennials as the left lose support. If this continues then 2020 will be a bloodbath.

What makes me sad is I believe in opposition parties to prevent one party from having total control.

But if that opposition party becomes the party of hate groups like Antifa, criminal gangs like MS-13 and activists like Chelsea Handler and Michael Moore while using the media as propaganda and schools to indoctrinate children, I am all for that party being decimated.

If you call for gun control because a criminal or psychopath used a gun to kill then call for truck control when they use one of those to kill. Call for terrorist control when terrorists kill.

It may not do any good but at least you will be consistent. And looking consistent beats looking crazy.





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