Peter Boykin was Out to #DemandFreeSpeech in Washington DC along with Milo, Gavin, and Laura Loomer. Here is his speech.

Written by on July 6, 2019

Hi, My Name is Peter Boykin and I want to share to you my #MeToo moment.

Not the one that you’re used to… but… I was Raped…

Raped by Social media, raped by Twitter, raped by Facebook, raped by GoFundMe

Big Tech/Social media does not want me to run for political office,

they do not want me to run MAGAONERADIO my radio station,

they banish my news website Maga First News, and they totally despise the MAGA Network, who does great work, for example, our Day of action yesterday.

But that’s not even the most controversial activism I do, for you see I dare to be a Trump supporter, not only that a Leader of Gay Trump Supporters.

In 2016 I and my husband of 23 years founded Gays For Trump, this was not my first rodeo.

Although I have NEVER been a Democrat I quit believing the lies of the left in 2008 from then on I always chose to Go Right.

I established Clintons4McCain, the PUMA party, I did EVERYTHING I could to Protect America from Obama.

It was a simpler time, a time when Liberals were proponents of Free Speech, what happened?

Those were the first days of social media, Facebook was still in diapers, and Myspace was still a thing, remember Myspace?

Anyone Remember Tom banning anyone?

Then 2016 happened, Trump won with a landslide, social media and the viral culture prevailed.

That’s when the left and mainstream media lost their shit…

Suddenly a man who has supported the Gays, Blacks, and Minorities his whole life.. and LOVED by All became the Lefts Enemy number one.

Much like us, because one day he put on a MAGA hat he became a White Supremacist, a Racist, and a Nazi in the eyes of the Left.

So that’s just the beginning of 1984

The “Progressives” have become Regressive, and Aggressive.

First, they came for Milo

Then they came for Alex Jones, and Info Wars but that was not enough,

They burned through an Army of #MAGA,

Roger Stone, Laura Loomer, Gavin McInnes, All the Proudboys, Paul Joseph Watson, and MANY MANY others, including me.

I lost my verified Twitter account of 103K, but I also lost my voice to over 2,500 other verified and non-verified allies I spoke to daily.

Their excuse? All Declared Agents of Hate Speech by the real Hate Group SPLC btw who the hell made them the authority?

To be Honest this so-called “Hate Speech” IS Free Speech.

But Hate Speech by my definition is ANY Speech that you HATE to Hear, it is opinion based and thus based on your point of view.

I cannot expect those on the left to think positive of the words that flow through the mouths of those on the right, it’s pointless to even try.

I for one am TIRED of being made nonexistent by big corporations. This is why I stand here today to DEMAND FREE SPEECH.

You can find me at

I am scheduled for multiple events soon. Conservative Proud and The Straight Pride rally in August.

Also, I personally would like to see everyone in Maga Country at in Kingman AZ Oct 4-6.

It is TIME that we FIGHT for our FREEDOM of SPEECH.

Don’t let them fool you, Social media is no different than the pony express, us mail, the telephone, etc. It’s a public square. We have every right just as the left does to free protected speech.

So today is our Independence day. This is when you must decide are you happy with watching voices disappear or will you dare to speak out even if you have to lay down your Digital Life.
I am willing to fight, are you?

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