Pride Month Returns, I’ll Have None

Written by on June 3, 2018

Pride Month Returns, I’ll Have None
By Paul O’Brien

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Once again the annual week of Pride returns. To those unfamiliar Pride is supposed to be an event where gays and allies celebrate and show pride in their community.

Unfortunately Pride has been hijacked by political activists who use it as a tool to hurt others while helping the Democrats achieve goals that have nothing to do with gays.

Take for example their agenda regarding refugees. Forget educating the community on Sharia savages who bastardize Islam and call for gays to be killed. Instead they ignore these human right violations and pretend all of the migrants are good.

We all see what has happened to Europe. Polls show a majority of the refugees in Europe want Sharia law enforced and for gays to be locked up in prison.

Then there is the way these activists use the gay community to hurt their political opposition. UN Ambassador Niki Haley and her gay son were booed and harrassed when they tried to take part in a Pride parade.

We also saw conservative and Jewish gays told they could not take part in the parade because it would make the Muslims uncomfortable!

I feel no pride in any of this. I feel nothing but deep shame that so many gays are naive enough to believe these activists. But they aren’t the only ones. Take a look at who took over the Womens March. A terrorist and a supporter of Sharia law. Or Black Lives Matter being led by white liberal lesbians and a socialist who worked with the Nazis.

I am optimistic though. Through Gays For Trump I have met over a thousand conservative or independent gays on Twitter alone. And these men and women are speaking out, educating more and more through the power of social media.

MSM has lost much of its influence and power (not to mention money) due to so many seeing through them. With blacks we have Candace Owens and Tommy Sotomayor. With gays we have Milo and Dave Rubin.

It won’t be long until these activists retreat. And when they do I will be the first to celebrate Pride. At least then I will have something to be proud of.



Also reach out to @PeterBoykin the Founder of GaysForTrump to see how you can help

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