The Black Exodus: Fact Vs Publicity Stunt

Written by on May 30, 2018

“The Black Exodus” is a term that is fast becoming one that the masses recognize, thanks to Kanye West and Donald Trump’s bromance, that has quickly formed a life of its own. inspiring others to see the good in President Donald Trump.

Inspired by West’s openness to embrace Trump many people who may or may not have been “Team Trump” have begun to move a focus point on not only media but social media platforms which, in 2018 “millennial language” is, the same as watching the news only in real time with retweets and memes.

We can go through the list of the 17 famous black celebs who in 2016 openly shared their support and votes for  Donald Trump but that would be obnoxious, as I assume the reader is starting to understand what I am spelling out.

The embracing of blacks in the Republican party and by conservatives who have been painted as “evil whites:” since the 1800’s by bitter Democrats who want their slaves back, is amazing for race relations but lets knock off the  hypocrisy and borderline nauseating fakeness of using black people to gain votes or any other human emotion that manipulates the viewer into thinking anything they cannot conclude for themselves with a google search.

The exodus started over 100 years ago. Yes, read that out loud. The exodus began 152 years ago. Here is a website to help you understand

Great, I am glad you came back and now we are on the same page. Lets always celebrate the blacks like Harriet Tubman who was the first true free thinking of this said “Black Exodus” and let us not get so carried away with highlighting black people who have no history of conservatism while silencing the voice of your most loyal supporters such as Wanye Dupree who for years has been an articulate, productive member of the Republican party and whose words are often now mimicked by the new batch of  “Free Thinking Blacks”

The unity is great but resentment and divisiveness will always be born of those who feel unheard so lets spread the love and be grateful for all the unity happening and has always continued to happen despite our differences. There is never anything wrong with loving or celebrating every aspect of black people as a whole having the courage to be and think free.



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