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Many of you are starting to recognize there is a “war” going on in our United States. We are in times never seen before in history. Our Democracy is being challenged and civil liberties are being taken from us!

What used to be the Democratic party “No Longer” represents America…

Facts are, It is difficult to pinpoint what this “New” faction in our political party’s is??….

Most of you have found out, as of today, there is a growing number of businesses who are boycotting the “NRA,” ?Why? because the liberal/democratic party feels the shooting in Florida, is now due to the NRA, and a growing number of companies have bought it!

As we know, The “NRA” has protected Gun owners rights to our 2nd Amendment rights since “November 17, 1871” Fighting for all Americans rights to legally own and protect our families from harm or a Tyranny Government.

All of you understand our 2nd Amendment is not in danger, at this moment, our 2nd Amendment is still safe, but for how long?

We are witnessing a continued and progressive agenda, of the left, to take away our 2nd Amendment and disarm all Americans! These people will claim total disarmament is their motive but simply “YouTube” Hillary and Obamas motives before the election you will hear directly from the mouths of these politicians “Total removal of the 2nd Amendment is what they are pushing for!”

What is fact is the Liberal left would rather “END” Civilian Gun Ownership leaving us open to “Criminals” who will continue to acquire guns since the laws of liberals do not protect the citizen. More frightening is Americans will be at the mercy of its Government and leadership just as Germany did when “Adolph Hitler” was able to physically remove weapons from the people!

Those of you here who need a grasp on that reality… Just think of the end of the 2nd Amendment with someone like Obama or Hillary in office!!!

From what we will be finding out within this year… These two are no different than “Kim Jong Un” in fact we are aware that our Liberal Media fell in love with his sister!!!

Depending upon which state you reside, such as my state of “Alt-left California,” liberals have already taken most of gun owner rights.

California has laws which laws restrict amounts of ammo you are able to purchase, during a period of time, magazine sizes, and devices put on to your gun to make it more difficult to load or fire multiple shots.

It is not legal to have guns concealed or unconcealed on the body when in public, Ammo cannot be loaded and has to be carried separately in transport. California has also restricted many types of Guns citizen are able to have.

I recognize not ever Republican owns or even feel they are in need to purchase a weapon, you may even think this gun issue pertains to you, well that would be incorrect.

It is because of President Trump we have had a look “behind” the Liberal/Democrat mask. We have been able to see these people for what they really stand for and what lengths they will go in order to achieve their goals.

Never in Americans history have we heard, the words muttered, we are hearing from conservative media…

Not long ago it was Conspiracists and those like “Alex Jones” accusing liberals of; Obama Presidential Treason, Corruption in the DOJ, FBI, Democratic caucus, Government Child Trafficking, Satan worship Cooking parties, Clinton Murders, False flags, Crisis actors, Soro’s/Illuminati domination, Liberal/Antifa, Deep state, “Government Coup!!!”

What used to be laughed off as “Wackos” are now being proven as “Fact!” and it is Conservative Media and Radio and our “Representatives in Conservative Party” who are saying it!

It was “Edmond Burke” who said: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” And up to this point, Republicans have literally let “Evil Triumph!”

We can continue to sit back, as Liberals continue to manipulate the Media, Businesses, and thoughts of men or we as “Patriots” can become active in every act against Businesses or people who are personally attacked because of their Patriotism!

Republicans need to start being Proactive in these liberal tantrums and show businesses like those who are protesting the NRA that when push comes to shove…. You can move to Mexico or Canada if you wish but do not mess with our great country and those who continue to be Proud Americans!

I grew up in a family who have owned and have the respect of guns. I had never been an NRA member but at this moment the NRA needs our support. This is “Not” because the NRA needs our money… It is because Liberal Snowflakes need to be shown they “WILL NOT” Tread on our “Constitution” and we will not be threatened by their childish behavior.

As for those paying attention to the news we are now told Mr. David Hogg is asking “Fedex” To boycott NRA.. This is something most Americans use and should be warned of the repercussions IF THEY GET INVOLVED IN THIS LIBERAL SABOTAGE!!!

I have just joined the NRA today I challenge everyone who reads this to do so also. Yearly membership is a mere $30.00 not much to ask. There are 14 million active members in the NRA… In the next weeks, let’s see if we can help it grow 1 more million within this next month!!!

Every Conservative site, the Conservative talk stations, everyone you know. “Ask them to pledge there support to the NRA.”

Also make sure all of you “Call” “Write, both e-mail and physical mail” All of these businesses who have boycotted NRA, let them know we Republicans are boycotting them, and “Next Time” they should not get involved with Political issues without suffering consequences!


#2.Alamo Rent a Car
Allied Van Lines
Chubb Insurance
Delta Air Lines
Enterprise Rent-a-Car
First National Bank of Omaha
North American Van Lines
Paramount Rx

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