Tommy Robinson Arrested but 1984 type BAN on Reporting: The UK has lost its Mind!

Written by on May 28, 2018

The UK is FALLING to those that HATE Free Speech as Tommy Robinson is arrested and then a BIG ban on reporting is ordered by a Judge!

Thousands demonstrate in Downing Street after far-right figure arrested

Groups descend on central London, Thousands of demonstrators descended on Whitehall to protest against far-right figurehead Tommy Robinson’s arrest for allegedly breaching the peace outside a Leeds courthouse.
But no one is allowed to report on it because there is a BIG UK blackout on the reporting. They are deleting and destroying information as the judge reported to NOT report on the case!

The area had to be closed to traffic as the group gathered outside Downing Streeton Saturday afternoon.

The demonstration came after the founder of the English Defence League – real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon – was detained by officers while streaming a Facebook live video outside a grooming trial in the West Yorkshire city on Friday morning.

Basically, live streaming people who are sick Pedos on their crimes is illegal!

He currently remains in custody.

He is sentenced to 13 months. There is a gag order on telling people where he is or reporting on the issue. They say no reports and removal of the reports while the PEDO trial is still ongoing.
England Is NOT free!
See why when Tommy asked me to come to England and others in the past my answer has been: HELL NO!!!
Please, folks, report on this Keep the left from doing this here locally on our soil!
I told you 1984 is HERE!!!!
Cernovich and InfoWars reported first that when you search for Tommy Robinson articles you got 404 and Oooops pages! Fox News reported later about just why. This is what we are fighting folks: remember folks those who write the history are the ones that win.
We must defeat the left and make sure we are always about to get Real News and Not a cover-up!
Make Britain Great Again


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