Video Gets Banned From Youtube For Just Talking About Opposing Mandatory Vaccinations of Covid-19

Written by on May 3, 2020

The Original Article and Video Went over 3 news articles and a few videos of news reports, it gave opinions of vaccines but did not encourage people not to take them or to hurt themselves.






When Gov. Cooper or Any Governor or Government ‘Orders’ mandatory compliance for COVID-19 vaccine.

Will you comply? It’s coming!



My video was taken down

The video was an oral reading of 3 articles and a few videos that were in the media. I called for no violence.

What this shows is that if you say ANYTHING against the narrative of forced vaccines they WILL remove you.

They did it for the doctors as well. This is 1984

First a recap of how we got there…
For those ignorant of history, the Nazis also had orders to keep people in their homes, shut down their businesses, and “helped” care for those who became ill by withholding medical care


Later, they just rounded up millions and murdered them. Don’t ever tell me lockdown is “for our own good”.
We’ve heard that before…
This is YouTube’s Answer after 30 mins of me asking for an appeal



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